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Our Story

From Animal Nutrition to Skin Nutrition

For years Vivian struggled to find products that are not reactive to her very sensitive skin. While there are many products that are labeled as gentle, she was unable to find anything was suitable for her skin type. In response, John started researching skincare formulations and try to understand what was happening. This journey was seemingly unlikely, for decades he managed a chemical and microbiology animal feed additive company with global operations. It was however this experience in specialty fine chemistry and microbiology that in fact made the move into skincare formulating quite natural. After leaving the world of animal nutrition, he was certain he wanted his future endeavors to be meaningful, beneficial to people’s health and well-being, and serve to bring people and community together through partnerships with our natural environment.

As lifelong gardeners, hikers, and cyclist, the connection to the natural world was a sanctuary. Communing with nature became a central part of their daily routines. Having spent their lives in large cities, Miami, Singapore, and Austin,  they invariably searched for the local botanical garden groups and trails to find solace within vibrant cities.  They have been rooted for years in Austin, Texas where they raised 2 sons and now have 2 grandchildren. As their family grew, the need to live a more holistic and meaningful life became a certainty. One that involved a more natural clean lifestyle.

Because skin is the primary protective barrier of entry for so many daily environmental toxins, they researched and studied Organic Cosmetic Formulation Science and recognized much crossover with chemicals used in the industrial chemical industry, this piqued their interest in finding natural solutions to solve skincare challenges.  Plant-based compounds can be as potent as synthetic chemicals, but great care must be taken in selecting ingredients that will provide performance and cause no harm to the individual user while being environmentally sustainable. Nut, seed, and plant oils are among the most common products used in skincare, while they have enormous benefits, we wanted to compound them and focus on plant active compounds from infusions and extracts which are unique to our Blü Fern products. 

Blü Fern strives to be part of a comprehensive natural lifestyle, in which we are mindful of what we put on our skin but also how we choose to live, by paying attention and thinking about what we eat, exercise and commune with the natural world. We do not pretend that our cleanser or moisturizer will change your life, but we do hope that it can spark an interest in living more naturally and intentionally. We have been brought to a place of mindful and holistic living; with Blü Fern natural plant-based skin nutrition helps us maintain that focus and partner through our local community to invest in its natural sanctuaries.

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately… Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify, simplify! …" --Henry David Thoreau, Walden