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Our Science

Microbiome Support

Our approach to formulating, is focused on the idea that we will do no harm to our skin or environment, while supporting what nature has given us. Our goal is to establish an environment where our skins natural microbial inhabitants will thrive and be permitted to perform their designed purpose. Our skins microbiome inhabitants produce enzymes, antimicrobial agents and protective substances, which we do not want to disrupt. Instead, we want to help supplement, and support  our skin, to work in partnership with our bodies.

Fermented Oils

Our unique fermentation process enhances free fatty acid values which is an essential part of the skin. These enhanced oils mimic natural skin components creating an environment for beneficial bacteria and skin natural organisms to propagate.


The interface between our inside and outside body.

The skin is our bodies first line of defense, with a thin layer acting as an interface between our inside world with the outside world. What we often do not realize is that our skin is naturally covered with oils, waxes, and microbes. This microbial community is collectively called the microbiome, and is composed of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It turns out that the microbes are influential in a broad variety of processes throughout our bodies.