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Our commitment

Blü Fern exists to provide plant-based skin nutrition.

Blu Fern, plant base skin nutrition with commitment to community and environment

We make products that heal, calm, hydrate, protect, and balance the skin with minimal ingredients and no filler. It isn’t just about a product though. It’s about nourishing, renewing, and caring for the whole self as we all travel the trails of life.

We truly believe that everyone has the power to make a real impact on the world around them simply by participating in their lives. Welcoming, vibrant, and full of life, Austin Texas is where we have established our roots. It's here that we mingle and grow - where we invest in the trails, the trees, and the tenacious spirit of the community.

Here are just a few of the community organizations we partner with in an effort to keep this city and our environment flourishing.